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chibi_waru_chan's Journal

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This is my fan fic account, my personal account's chibi_waru. Feel free to add it.

I will take requests, but there are two pairings I will NOT do!
I wont do KaoruxToshiya
And I wont do DiexToshiya...
Nothing against Toshiya, I just can't stand those pairings... neither of them make sense to me... I have no idea how they came up with DxT... XD And the only reason most people like KxT is because they're in lots of pictures together! You never really see any of them interacting that much...
I don't really dislike DxT, I'm just not a fan, but I loath KxT... If you like it, I respect that and I wont bash them, but I will probably never in hell write a serious fic about them being together. Closest you're gonna get is 涙色.

Don't be shocked if I kill someone off! I like deathfics, because all stories with happy endings seem unfinished to me, something bad can always happen and I wanna know what it is, so I try to make an ending-ending if that makes sense.

I WILL make fun of your stereotypes, so please don't get offended by anything I write. ^^;;

If you don't like my fics then don't read them!
If you do, please comment and I'll update quicker!

Fan Fictions:

Dir en grey:

涙色 (Namida-iro) - Prologue12345678910111213
KaoruxKyo KaoruxToshiya DiexShinya - NC-17 - 13/Ongoing - HIATUS
NOTE: Fixing old chapters, if I find a good direction to continue in I'll write more once I finish.

不安 (Fuan) - 1
KyoxDie KyoxShinya DiexShinya - PG - 1/1

Verlaßen - Prologue1
DiexShinya ToshiyaxShinya Kaoruxkyo - R (as of now) - One/Ongoing - Discontinued

酔っ払った (Yopparatta) - 1
KaoruxKyo - R - 1/1

Wir waren sinnlos betrunken - 1
KaoruxKyo - NC-17 - 1/1 - Sequel to 酔っ払った

86 - MAP123456789101112
KaoruxKyo ToshiyaxShinya DiexKyo - NC-17 - 12/14


涙的 (Namida-teki) - 1
KisakixKyo - R - 1/1 - Prelude to 涙色 (Not required to read one for the other)